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E-mail Marketing


At its core, e-mail marketing is a tool for customer relationship management (CRM). Used effectively, this extension of permission-based marketing can deliver one of the highest returns on investment (ROI) of any eMarketing activity. Simply put, e -mail marketing is a form of direct marketing that utilizes electronic means to deliver commercial messages to an audience. It isone of the oldest and yet still one of the most powerful of all eMarketing tactics. The power comes from the fact that it is the following: x Extremely cost effective due to a low cost per contact x Highly targeted x Customizable on a mass scale x Completely measurable Furthermore, e-mail marketings main strength is that it takes advantage of a customers most prolific touch point with the Internet: their in -box. E-mail marketing is a tool for building relationships with both existing and potential customers. It should maximize the retention and value of these customers, which should ultimately lead to greater profitability.

E-mail is probably ubiquitous to you, but there was a time when there was no e-mail!

E-mail actually predates the Internet and was first used way back in 1961 as a way for users of the same computer to leave messages for each other. Ray Tomlinson is credited with creating the first network e-mail application in 1971. He initiated the use of the @ sign and the address structure that we use today (username@hostname).[1] E-mail was used to send messages to computers on the same network and is still used for this purpose today.

It was only in 1993 that large network service providers, such as America Online and Delphi, started to connect their proprietary e -mail systems to the Internet. This began the large-scale adoption of Internet e -mail as a global standard. Coupled with standards that had been created in the preceding twenty years, the Internet allowed users on different networks to send each other messages.

The first e-mail spam dates back to 1978. Spam is defined as unsolicited commercial or bulk e-mail. In fact, more than 97 percent of all e-mails sent over the Net are spam!

Direct marketing has long played an integral part in marketing campaigns, but the high cost meant that only large companies were able to pursue it. However, with the growth of the Internet, and the use of e-mail to market directly to consumers, marketers have found these costs dropping and the effectiveness increasing.

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Transactional e-mails.

When you place an order, there will be a number of e-mails that you receive, from confirmation of your order to notice of shipping. Should you need to return an item, you will no doubt communicate with Zappos via e-mail.


These are e-mails that are sent to provide information and keep customers informed. They do not necessarily carry an overt promotion but instead ensure that a customer is in regular contact with the brand. These build relationships and foster trust between customers and their chosen brands.

Promotional e-mails.

Should Zappos have a summer sale, they will send an e-mail relating directly to that promotion. The following are examples of other e-mails sent by Zappos:

E-mails to suppliers

Communication with affiliates

All the communication sent out can be used to convey your marketing message. Every touch point will market the organization. However, here we will focus on commercial e-mails.

There are two types of commercial e-mails:

1. Promotional e-mails. These are more direct and are geared at enticing the user to take an immediate action. They always feature a call to action and are designed around a specific goal.

2. Retention-based e-mails. Also referred to as newsletters, these may include promotional messages but should be focused on providing information of value to the user, geared at building a long-term relationship with the user.

There are nine steps to executing an e-mail campaign properly. These nine steps should be considered best practices for e-mail campaigns. If followed closely, a marketer can expect great results. The nine steps are as follows and will be addressed in the following subsections:

1. Strategic planning

2. Definition of list

3. Creative execution

4. Integration of campaign with other channels

5. Personalization of the message

6. Deployment

7. Interaction handling

8. Generation of reports

9. Analysis of results

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How To Keep Spam Off Of Your Blog

Submitted by: Brian Scott

If you are starting a blog you may be surprised to learn that you can expect SPAM and quite a bit of it. Blogs are notorious magnets for spammers looking to post links to their websites, especially gambling sites, adult sites and prescription drug sites.

Primarily SPAM will be posted in the comments of your blog postings rather than as a new blog posting. Unless you have set up your blog to notify you any time someone makes a comment you may not even know they are there.

Why SPAM Should be Deleted

SPAM hurts the overall impact of your blog and can lead some of your followers to stop reading your blog completely. For the most part the nature of SPAM postings are not what most blog readers want to see and it is important you remove it fast.

Links off of your blog to porn, gambling and other such sites can also hurt your ranking in Google unless you catch the links and remove them.

Protect Yourself Against SPAM

Most blog sites (including Blogger and WordPress) give you the ability to set up your blog so you are notified anytime a comment is posted. In fact, you can set up your account so a comment does not appear unless you approve the content. This is the most effective way to keep SPAM off your blog.

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The major blog sites also offer SPAM guard plug-ins. Basically these plug-ins identify the most common SPAM postings and delete them before they are able to be posted on your site. They also enable you to blackball users, websites, IP addresses, etc to further combat SPAM.

You should consider one or more of these SPAM protection options if you are going to have a successful, SPAM-free blog. Remember not every link to another website is SPAM. However, you should look at all comments and outgoing links to determine if they are the type of comments and links you want your followers to see.

SPAM protection will be something you want to stay on top of and it is worth the effort. Spammers can be both creative and persistent in their attempts to post links to the websites they are promoting. Take affirmative steps to block the SPAM and keep a close eye on your blog and they will eventually move on to another blog to try to SPAM.

Comments by readers of your blog can be moderated by you in a number of ways. Your decision on how you will monitor comments will have a large impact on your overall blog. It is important that you keep in mind the pros and cons of your decision.

First and foremost, blogs that invite comments from readers are generally more popular than blogs that do not. Web 2.0 is all about participation on the web and people like to feel part of a blog community rather than just a reader of a one-sided blog.

For some businesses it may make sense to disallow comments, however, for the majority of businesses and personal blogs you should consider allowing comments from your readers.

Unrestricted Commentary

One option you can have on your blog is unrestricted commentary. This allows anyone to post comments on your blog with no moderation. Though this is the most open form of blogging it is also the most dangerous. You will undoubtedly find inappropriate comments and SPAM on your blog which can lead to problems with the search engines.

For the most part it is not a good idea to allow unrestricted commentary.

Registered User Commentary

One small but effective way to restrict the commentary on your site is to require the person interested in commenting to register for your blog with a valid e-mail address. This will prevent most spammers who want to post quickly and move on. It will also help prevent people from posting ridiculous comments on your blog. Some SPAM and ridiculous commentary will still get through.

Once someone is registered you can monitor their postings on your blog and ban them or block them if you find them posting inappropriate comments.

Approved Comments Only

Most bloggers choose the option of allowing only approved comments to appear on their blog. Basically you set up the blog so you are notified anytime someone posts a comment to one of your postings. The comment will not appear until you have reviewed it and actively approved it.

Requiring comment approval is a good way to both allow comments and protect the integrity of your blog at the same time. Most people familiar with blogging expect to have their comments reviewed before being visible.

Allow commentary on your blog in order to keep your readers active on your blog but choose the level of protection that works the best for your needs.

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Renting A Dedicated Server

By SeanM Murphy

Dedicated servers can be rented for a specific period of time generally for a month and up to a year. Start-ups and small businesses prefer to go for dedicated server rental services in their quest to remain cost effective and to retain flexibility.

Costs involved

Dedicated server rental costs include cost of the server, the space provided by the web host, the electricity consumed by the server and the bandwidth. A dedicated server might also require a control panel or any software that controls the server. Such control options might also have to be rented in addition to the dedicated server. Examples of control servers include Plesk and cPanel.

A server needs an operating system to run smoothly. An operating system’s main work is to receive requests and route these to appropriate sites. The cost of the operating system might also be included in your rental fee. Generally, two types of operating systems- Linux or Windows- is used to run servers. Linux is free open source software while Windows is a little expensive. Installing Linux will not increase your rental costs while using Windows will cost you a little higher.

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As a dedicated server belongs entirely to you, the server resources are also at your disposal. Servers are used for a range of purposes. Whether you want to broadcast streaming videos over the interest or stream music, a server can be used for all purposes. If you want to store all your data in one single location, you can use Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition. Many rental companies offer such extra add-ons. You can negotiate to either increase such extras in the rental fee or slightly increase the rental fee to get the benefits.

Are dedicated servers better than web hosting services?

Dedicated servers are much better than web hosting services. Web applications like ASP and ASP.NET run much better on dedicated servers containing Microsoft Windows than on a web host. This is because ASP and ASP.NET use a Microsoft SQL Server database. PHP applications also run better on dedicated servers containing either Linux or Microsoft Windows.

Dedicated servers are becoming more affordable now. Bandwidth allocation has also increased. These advantages have made buying a dedicated server easier and affordable. The costs of Microsoft Windows licenses are also becoming cheaper. These costs will not add up to much in your rental fees.

Server rental fees have also experienced a fall of late. The allocation of more bandwidth has contributed to the decrease in costs. Lower costs have made it viable even for the smallest of businesses to rent a dedicated server. Collocation is another type of hosting. In this service, you can rent both bandwidth and rack space. The best feature of collocation web hosting is the fact that you own the physical server.

Dedicated server rental companies are experiencing good growth thanks to the increased awareness about the benefits of such a service. Lower rental costs have also contributed to this demand.

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Blog Commenting : An Effective Seo Strategy}

Submitted by: Darwin Thomas

Out of all the written content available in the World Wide Web, blogs are unquestionably the most interesting content.

Out of all the written content available in the World Wide Web, blogs are unquestionably the most interesting content. It?s always fun to read a blog which has some witty humor or personal touch in it. This is why blog commenting can hold almost equal importance in contributing to an effecting SEO build up strategy. SEO (Search Engine optimization) is the process of improving the visibility of the websites organically in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. One of the key tools to enhance your website?s SEO is backlinks. More the number of legitimate backlinks, better the chances of your site to rank higher on the major search engines.

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Since blogs receive majority of consumer traffic in the web, the blog commenting backlinks possess additional relevance. Most of the blogs, irrespective of their popularity, allow readers to add HTML links linking back to another site. Through blogs, you can reach out to more and more people attracting them to visit your site. It?s critical to comment rationally to naturally connect with the topic of the blog. Avoid spam comments that will prevent you from getting banned by the moderators or the administrators of the blog site. Usually, blog comments should be thoughtful, concise & relevant to the article. Also, you should leave a link in your comment, linking back to a page in your site which is relevant to that blog topic.

Integrating a good SEO strategy is centered around establishing relevant backlinks to numerous sites. It is a good practice to keep following your blog comments frequently to check their viability. More than establishing a good SEO and blog commenting base, you need to check whether it is sustaining its flow and importance. Following your comments and replying appropriately is recommended way to sustain the backlinks flow. It is valuable to do some research and identify the most popular blogs related to your niche or to the services you offer. Focusing your attention on the top 10-15 blogs will probably save your time. Impressive comments will have impact on your business and online reputation. Intriguing comments assure that people who read the comment are persuaded to pay a visit to your site.

Most of the businesses and professionals have started using blog commenting services as a part of their SEO strategy. You can hit the net and find plenty of companies providing blog commenting service. It is imperative to research well before committing to a company. Companies providing blog commenting service have experts comprising years of experience, which helps in accelerating the SEO strategy. Mostly, blog commenting service is manual based service without making use of any software for auto blog commenting. Professional writers provide valuable comments, which are in the blog comment section. These blog comments contain backlinks with a do-follow attribute using appropriate anchor link text. To enhance your SEO campaign and accelerate it, consider hiring a blog commenting service provider which can be easily found over the internet suiting your needs and budget.

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Slim And Sassy Weight Loss Scam Or Sensation?}

Submitted by: Charlotte Reid

Scam or Sensation? Slim and Sassy Weightloss approach is causing quite a stir.

In the summer of 2010 Slim and Sassy was unleashed to the masses. And they gobbled it up. doTERRA Global had an immediate best seller on their hands. This little oil blend shot to the top of the sales charts. With the thousands of customers and clients raving about the fat burning abilities of Slim and Sassy, we were hard pressed to find the scam.

After this oil’s release, the stories flooded the office: people were drinking more water, eating less, eating healthier, not craving sweets, feeling happier, and losing unwanted pounds.

Although Slim and Sassy wasn’t designed to be a weightloss product, people commonly point to how many pounds they’ve lost while using the oil.

Slim and Sassy oil blend only contains Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

The oils in Slim and Sassy are Peppermint, Grapefruit, Ginger, Lemon, and Cinnamon. This 15 ml bottle provides a naturally refreshing oil that can be used many ways.

For the best results, use Slim and Sassy 3-5 times per day, at 3-5 drops each.

You can drop the oil under your tongue (my favorite), in your water, or swallow it in a capsule. Even inhaling a few drops on your palms helps to curb appetites.

Just using the oil once a day can still give you great benefits. Dropping 8 drops in a glass of water will boost your metabolism, increase hydration, and help you fight afternoon cravings.

YouTube Preview Image

There are testimonials from both men and women alike–all claiming weight loss, moods lifted, and appetites suppressed thanks to this little oil.

“Obesity has become the most common metabolic disorder in the world.” Dr. David Hill, Chief Medical Officer doTERRA International, exclaimed on doTERRA’s Slim and Sassy Fat Burning Revolution webinar. Diet and a sedentary lifestyle are to blame.

Obviously we can live with the fat, or use Slim and Sassy to slide those pounds away.

Dr. Hill utilized much research and effort in order to formulate this perfect metabolic blend. Each oil in Slim and Sassy is there in the right amount, and for the right reason.

Cinnamon: improves liver function, anti-oxidant, cholesterol balance, reduces diabetic risk, metabolizes sugars, prevents new fat cell production.

Ginger: releases fat, provokes significant weight loss.

Peppermint: appetite suppressant, increases sense of fullness and satisfaction after eating.

Lemon and Grapefruit: help to reduce appetite, help to release fat from cells, and encourage less fat cells created.

Another benefit of Slim & Sassy is a reduction of toxicity throughout the entire body. Other side effects are decreased inflammation, improved digestion, better glucose utilization, cholesterol decreased, and energy boosted.

“[This] is easy to do. Effective to do. People are going to have a good experience with this oil,” Dr. Hill states.

The weight loss plateau is an annoying place to be. One Slim and Sassy story shows how a stay at home mom jumped over that hurdle and released the final few pounds she wanted to get rid of.

With steadier blood sugar levels throughout the day, Jan M. also enjoys the absence of sugar cravings.

“It’s the only thing that has kept me at my same weight, instead of always gaining,” Barbara, a 70+ year-old-grandmother uses Slim and Sassy diligently.

Dropping 2 dress sizes in less than 2 months has Jan V. excited about her Slim and Sassy use.

Changing only 1 thing–using Slim and Sassy, Neal, a dad and farmer, was able to lose almost 20 lbs–in 3 months.

Master consultant for doTERRa, Justin Harrison, lost 7 lbs. over the last couple of weeks, when he started using the oil.

Even doTERRA’s corporate partners love the metabolic blend. Greg Cook celebrates a loss of 10 lbs in 2 weeks thanks to Slim and Sassy.

“This stuff is awesome,” Don exclaimed as he also makes better food choices thanks to the oil blend.

Megan states, “I’ve never felt better. The sizes come off better than with anything else. The taste is great. I thank my zumba teacher and doTERRA for this oil.”

“Slim and Sassy is more than weight loss. It’s about a good, stable metabolism,” Dr. Hill exhorts.

When my afternoon sugar craving strikes, I kick back with doTERRA’s Essential Oil Blend Slim and Sassy. My bottles are never far from reach–on the counter or in my purse, for a fast dose of fresh breath, new vigor, and an energy boost.

Slim and Sassy weightloss scam or sensation? Obviously a sensation. This fat burning revolution is bringing a natural, safe alternative to the weight loss industry.

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