United States: Two killed, more than a hundred injured in Amtrak train collision in South Carolina
United States: Two killed, more than a hundred injured in Amtrak train collision in South Carolina

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Early on Sunday morning, Amtrak’s passenger train number 91, the Silver Star, bound for Miami from New York, slammed into a stationary CSX freight train in Cayce, about ten miles (16 km) south of Columbia, capital of the US state of South Carolina. Two Amtrak employees were killed and at least 116 were injured, some seriously.

The two killed were 54-year-old engineer Michael Kempf of Savannah, Georgia, and 36-year-old conductor Michael Cella of Orange Park, Florida. Robert Sumwalt, chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, told a press conference the passenger train had been diverted into a siding by a switch left “literally locked, with a padlock” in that position.

The collision happened at about 2:35 am local time (0735 UTC) at a switching yard in the small city of Cayce. The Amtrak train, with reportedly 139 passengers and eight employees aboard, collided head on with the freight train, which was parked with no one on board. The Amtrak locomotive and the leading locomotive on the freight train were destroyed; the Amtrak locomotive and some of its passenger cars derailed, and one of those cars was folded in half. Several freight cars were crumpled, Reuters reported. In a press conference, the state governor, Henry McMaster, said the Amtrak locomotive was “barely recognizable” and described it as “a horrible thing to see, to understand the force involved”.

Harrison Cahill, a spokesman for Lexington County, gave a count of 116 injured, up from an initial report of 70; according to Derrec Becker, public information officer for the South Carolina Emergency Management Division, injuries ranged “from cuts and bruises to severe broken bones”. On Monday a Palmetto Health spokesperson said two patients were in serious and two in critical condition at their facilities. A spill of approximately 5,000 gallons of fuel from the freight train posed no safety hazard, according to officials.

Passenger Derek Pettaway told the CNN network that like most others, he had been sleeping when the collision happened. He said Amtrak staff cleared the passengers from the train rapidly, and there was no panic; “I think people were more in shock than anything else”, he said.

“Key to this investigation is learning why the switch was lined that way”, Sumwalt said. Amtrak’s CEO, Richard Anderson, speaking to reporters on Sunday, held CSX responsible; he stated the track in that area is operated by CSX and the signals, which CSX operates, were not working at the time of the collision and a CSX dispatcher was therefore directing the Amtrak train’s movements. Sumwalt noted an automatic monitoring and braking system called positive train control, which was not in use on the stretch of line, could have forestalled the collision.

Several fatal incidents involving Amtrak trains have occurred in the past three months. On December 18, the inaugural train on a new route in Washington state derailed at high speed while crossing above a highway, killing three; on January 31, the driver of a garbage truck was killed in Virginia when he collided with an Amtrak train chartered to take Republican lawmakers to a retreat.

Find Out More About The H. Pylori Test

byAlma Abell

The Helicobacter (H.) pylori can cause peptic ulcers or chronic gastritis in humans. It can also be associated with low-grade lymphoma of the mucosa associated with the lymphoid tissues in the stomach, as well as the development of adenocarcinoma and duodenal ulcers. You can test tissues for such an antibody to help you determine what to do or to learn how to control the situation.

More Information

YouTube Preview Image

The H. pylori test is only designed to be used for research. You shouldn’t use it in diagnostic procedures. It does have a clone called SPM526, and the immunogen is the purified Helicobacter pylori. The isotype is the IgG1/k, and it has an undetermined epitope.


This product is designed to be used with Immunohistochemistry applications. To prepare the specimen, you’ll want to use Formalin-fixed or paraffin-embedded tissues. Deparaffinized slides are necessary, and you can use xylene, an alternative to xylene, or graded alcohols with the same effect.

When using a concentrated version, you’ll want to dilute the antibody using a ratio of 1:100, though this is an estimate. Your protocols and methods ratio.

To retrieve the antigen, you should boil the tissue sections in a 10mM Citrate buffer with a pH of 6.0. Do this for 10 to 20 minutes and remove from the heat to allow the concminutes while at room temperature.

The positive control is the Helicobacter pylori-infected stomach with cellular localization occurring in the cell wall of H. pylori.

The H. Pylori test is an excellent way to learn more about stomach and lymphoid area. Visit Spring Bioscience now to find out more.

Injunction fails to stop decision on waterfront stadium in New Zealand
Injunction fails to stop decision on waterfront stadium in New Zealand

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Today an injunction that was filed in the High Court yesterday to stop the Auckland City Council and Auckland Regional Council from telling the Government which stadium they prefer has failed. The decision is over a new stadium located on the waterfront of Auckland, New Zealand or an upgrade of the already existing, Eden Park, Auckland. The stadium is for the final of the Rugby World Cup 2011, which New Zealand is hosting.

The injunction was filed by a group of five Aucklanders who believe that the decision is being rushed. The injunction was filed in the name of a private citizen to represent a group of five Aucklanders. Rodney Hide, leader of the ACT party and Member of Parliament (MP) and MP for the Green party, Keith Locke, are helping the fight for the injunction as they believe the Aucklanders have a strong case.

Justice John Priestley said that the group did not need this injunction because they could fight the stadium decision in the future by different means. A second injunction has already been filed for two days, starting December 11.

Mayor of Auckland, Dick Hubbard, said: “The council’s advisors have informed that processes have been proper and appropriate.”

Rodney Harrison, Queens Counsel (QC), said: “The group that lodged the injunction were Auckland ratepayers, residents and concerned citizens but none of whom could be called high profile. I have no idea what those decisions might be. Exactly how the defendants (local government) react to central Government requests or pressure is a matter for them.”

ARC chairman, Mike Lee attacked his own counsel Brian Latimore for failing to follow instructions at today’s High Court injunction hearing. The instruction were “not to oppose any injunction, merely to assist the court by explaining what was going on and leave the argument to the judge and the other parties.”

Mr Lee said: “We were there as peacekeepers not combatants and it seems this guy has gone in and opened fire.”

Patrick McGuire, one of the five Aucklanders who had sought the injunction, said that Mr Hide had introduced all of them to each other after they each wrote a letter to him with their concerns. Mr McGuire said it requires “public input”.

Mr Hide said that he “had acted as a middle-man, arranging for the members of the group to meet with lawyers.” Mr Locke and Mr Hide are working together because they are concerned the legal processes of the decision over which stadium will be chosen and how the decision will be made. Mr Hide said he did not like the waterfront stadium, “I’m not a lawyer but the legal advice we have had is that the injunction has a high chance of succeeding.”

The two councils, Auckland City and Auckland Regional, have been consulting the affected groups to see which decision they should go with. The Auckland City Council is currently in a meeting discussing the stadium decision and the Regional Council will do it tomorrow.

If the waterfront stadium was chosen then the stadium will be located on Ports of Auckland land and they want a guarantee that their running of the ports will not be affected. Denis Carlisle, president of the local Maritime union, said: “The Ports of Auckland are asking for guarantees that they will not suffer any financial loss from the stadium project, and likewise the Maritime Union will be seeking compensation for our members for any loss of work. The issue was about safeguarding Port of Auckland’s role as a major working port.”

“[The Ports of Auckland] is one of the key gateways between New Zealand and the global economy.”

Man charged with attempted murder in £40 million London jewel heist
Man charged with attempted murder in £40 million London jewel heist

Sunday, September 6, 2009

24-year-old Aman Kassaye, of no fixed abode, is to face a charge of attempted murder for his alleged role in an armed robbery that netted £40 million ($65 million) worth of jewelry from a London store.

Kassaye is the seventh man to be charged, and is also facing prosecution for conspiracy to rob the Graff store in New Bond Street, false imprisonment, and using a handgun to resist arrest. He will appear at Wimbledon magistrates court on Monday.

The other six men have already been remanded in custody until October 23, when they will appear at Kingston Crown Court. All are facing charges of conspiracy to rob, and two of them are also charged with a firearms offense.

43 diamond rings, watches, and bracelets were taken from the store. The theft occurred when two armed and suited men walked in and took an employee hostage. It has been reported they used prosthetic masks made from liquid latex but police have not confirmed this. Amateur footage also shows a shot was fired. No-one was injured.

The robbery is one of the biggest the United Kingdom has seen. After the crime a string of getaway vehicles was used, with police believing several more offenders assisted with this stage of the plan. Although The Telegraph claims no stolen property has yet been recovered, this is also unconfirmed by police.

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Finding The Right Atlanta Hardwood Flooring In Five Steps}

Submitted by: Scott Thompson

Whether you’re looking to put together a great southern-style kitchen or simply need a solid floor installation around the home, hardwood flooring is a durable, strong choice. The Atlanta metropolitan area is home to dozens and dozens of flooring providers: the only trick is finding the one that’s right for you. Whether your priority is your budget or simply the aesthetics around the house, this article will help you to find the right flooring for your needs.

Step #1: Before you start, write down your highest priorities.

Chances are that installing a new floor won’t be the cheapest decision you’ve ever made. That’s why it’s necessary to make some preparations before you take a look at the market. What are your priorities? Is budget your biggest concern, or is money no object? Do you want to find flooring that lasts as long as possible? Rank your priorities from most important to least important.

Step #2: Conduct a local online search.

Even if you’re not a Google veteran or a Yahoo professional, you can conduct a local search very easily. How? When you search for “hardwood flooring,” simply add the word “Atlanta,” or even a closer city like Smyrna. Don’t be afraid to be as detailed as possible: if you can’t find anything relating to your search, simply make your search broader.

Step #3: Visit Web sites and write down phone numbers.

Now that you’ve conducted a quick search, make sure to click on the Web sites of businesses that most appeal to you. You might find yourself clicking “back” quite often, but that’s simply a part of the process. Make sure to write down phone numbers for later reference.

Step #4: Call each of the hardwood flooring providers.

With a list of 2-5 hardwood flooring providers in your area, you should be ready to give each provider a call. Make sure you ask them upfront questions about cost, durability, and installation time – go back to your priority list and make sure you know which factors count the most.

Step #5: Don’t be afraid to bounce providers off of each other.

These businesses are competing for your job – don’t be afraid to set your own prices. Let them know that you haven’t made a final decision yet and see if they can provider you with better service.

Finding hardwood floors in Atlanta, or any other location shouldnt be difficult. With a little bit of research, and with the help of online services like Yelp and LocalPrice you can get details of installers, learn about types of hardwood flooring, and learn the cost (LocalPrice only). Its important to ask about things like warranties, time to install youll want to know how long theyre going to be in your home, durability of various woods, and how the woods will change color and texture with age.

Thanks to the Internet buying and having hardwood floors installed in your home is easier than ever. You can learn most everything you need to know online before you ever step foot in a showroom if you step foot in a showroom at all.

About the Author: Scott Thompson is the co-founder of LocalPrice.com where consumers can compare prices and features of various services like hardwood floor installers and find details for these services like the

cost of hardwood floors in Atlanta

, the bonding status of installers, how long the companies have been in business, and other useful information about local hardwood flooring companies.



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New Jersey to consider bikini waxing ban
New Jersey to consider bikini waxing ban

Friday, March 20, 2009

New Jersey is considering a state-wide ban on Brazilian waxes, the removal of hair from the bikini area.

Although genital waxing has never really been allowed in the state, the New Jersey Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling plans to propose a ban with more specific legal wording, in response to two women who reported being injured during a wax. The board will consider the proposal at their next meeting on April 14.

If the measure passes, New Jersey may become the only US state to ban the practice outright.

Although millions of Americans engage in bikini waxes, which generally cost between $50 and $60 per session, the practice comes with risks. Skin care experts say the hot wax can irritate delicate skin in the bikini area, and result in infections, ingrown hairs and rashes.

Waxing on the face, neck, abdomen, legs and arms would continue to be permitted in the state under the proposed ban. Although New Jersey statutes have always banned bikini waxing, the laws were unclear and seldom enforced.

As a result, many salons from around the state have offered bikini waxing for years. Many salon owners spoke out against the proposed ban, which they said would severely damage their business.

“I really don’t know if the state can stop it at this point,” said Valentia Chistova, owner of the Monmouth County salon Brazil. “I know a lot of women who are really hooked.”

 This story has updates See New Jersey backpedals on proposed bikini waxing ban 
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News briefs:May 21, 2010
News briefs:May 21, 2010
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Turtlestack, Mikemoral
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Turtlestack, Diego Grez
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Food with cancer-causing dye recalled in Britain
Food with cancer-causing dye recalled in Britain

Saturday, April 30, 2005

The British Food Standards Agency (FSA) has announced a recall of foods containing banned dyes which increase the risk of cancer. The food products were sold at the Tesco, Waitrose, and Somerfield supermarkets.

A Bristol company called “Barts Spices” found the illegal Para Red substance in their Barts Ground Paprika, which was sold in 48g and 46g jars with a “Co-op” label. The batch codes on the affected products are 5032 and 5089 (expiration Dec 2007), and 5075 (expiration February 2007).

Tesco also found that their 130g package of BBQ rice cakes (expiration November and December 2005) contained both Para Red and Sudan I.

“It would be very prudent to assume that it could be a genotoxic carcinogen,” FSA scientific advisers told reporters.

“As a company committed to supplying only the very finest quality food ingredients, we took the immediate decision to withdraw our ground paprika spice from all outlets selling the product and advertised a product recall in the national press,” a Barts Spices spokesman said in a statement.

Sudan I is only authorized for industrial use to colorize petroleum products, such as shoe polish. Para Red and Sudan I are banned under the British Colours in Food Regulations of 1995.

Britain last went through a major food recall in February, when Worcester Sauce was found to contain chili powder dyed with Sudan 1.

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Complete Commercial Bathroom Remodeling In Oak Park Il

byAlma Abell

Commercial Bathroom Remodeling in Oak Park IL can be expensive and time consuming, leaving you with inconvenienced customers, employees and/or business associates. If the job takes too long, your construction schedule can be delayed on that new apartment building downtown. You can bet that will cost you a lot of money. Find a company in the area that is licensed, affordable, fast and efficient. You want a company that will work with your designers on detailed projects and guarantee their own work on all jobs completed. You can settle for mediocre or you can have the job done professionally and on schedule. The choice is yours.

YouTube Preview Image

Find a company that will give you free estimates and same day quotes. You want a reliable remodeling and painting company that can handle the complete project whether it be new construction, renovation or demolition and remodeling. You may want new ideas or customized plans or just the old scuffs and scratches fixed and repainted. You may be looking for a classic and simple style in neutral colors or something different and bold with bright colors. Either way, the company you hire should be able to do the job and pay close attention to all details down to the smallest trim. Commercial Bathroom Remodeling in Oak Park IL does not have to b dull and ordinary. Who says you have to use eggshell paint for the walls? Mix it up and add some burgundy or some hunter green with tan trim and gold bathroom fixtures.

Other options include kitchen remodels, and basement or attic remodeling. Many people are having their basements and attics remodeled to be small studio apartments for extra income or a mother-in-law apartment. You can have it done for your home or commercially for less than you might expect. Visit the website for project examples and complete services offered. The possibilities are as varied as your imagination. You can have what you want at an affordable rate when you hire the right company. You have many options so take the time to look around at all your options and decide which place will work best for your needs and your budget.

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