Why Choose Organic Cotton For Your Baby?

First, Some Facts About Conventionally Grown Cotton:

When we think about cotton, we think about cleanliness, purity and comfort. In reality, conventionally grown cotton is one of the world’s dirtiest agricultural commodities and is one of the most environmentally damaging crops grown in the world.

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Unfortunately, nearly all cotton production is hugely (and increasingly) reliant on pesticides derived from petrochemicals. Because it is not a food crop, cotton is routinely sprayed with an even heavier cocktail of poisonous pesticides than normal agricultural crops. In fact 2.5% of all farmland worldwide is used to grow cotton, yet 10% of all chemical pesticides and 22% of insecticides are sprayed on cotton. This means that eight times more pesticide is used on one hectare of conventional cotton, than on other crops.

Heavy pesticide use reduces biodiversity, disrupts ecosystems, and contaminates water supplies. Worse still, more and more chemicals are being used each year as the pests exposed to the synthetic pesticides build up a resistance to them. Many of the chemicals used in cotton farming are acutely toxic. At least three of them are in the “dirty dozen” – so dangerous in fact that 120 countries have agreed to ban them. So far this hasn’t happened and they are still being used, resulting in an estimated 20,000 deaths and three million chronic health problems each year in developing countries.

In the U.S. it takes nearly a third of a pound of chemicals to grow enough cotton for just one t-shirt. It is estimated that less than 10% of the chemicals applied to cotton are accomplishing their tasks, the rest are absorbed into the plant, air, soil, water and eventually, our bodies.

Organic Cotton:

The alternative is organic cotton, which in contrast, uses agricultural methods to help sustain the land it grows on, the people who grow and harvest it, and the planet in general. It is not only less destructive to the environment, but provides a better income for farmers and is sustainable long term.

Organic cotton farming uses natural pesticides (usually containing a mixture of chilli, garlic and soap). This keeps pests off the crops but does not destroy their natural predators – which survive to control their numbers naturally. Organic farming really does start with the soil. Compost, frequent crop rotations and cover crop strategies replace synthetic fertilizers to keep the soil healthy, fertile and productive. Unlike the insatiably thirsty conventional methods of production, our organic cotton is largely rain-fed.  Organic cotton farming actually promotes biodiversity: the fields contain a significantly higher number of insect species (especially those which are beneficial).

When it comes to harvesting by hand, it follows that organic cotton is also much safer for those who pick it. Workers aren’t exposed to breathing in or otherwise ingesting toxic chemicals while active in the field, and don’t have to worry about the same nasty chemicals getting into their water supply if they live nearby. Therefore they can raise healthier children and livestock.

The final cloth is unbleached and dyed with natural plant dyes; therefore it really is a truly natural product.

Best For Baby

After all this, I don’t think I have to do much more to explain why organic is best for us and for our babies. 

A baby’s skin is 5 times thinner than our own, allowing toxins to penetrate much more easily. It is even more necessary to protect their growing bodies and immature immune systems from harmful chemicals.

When you buy organic cotton baby clothes you have the peace of mind that the fabric which is in contact with your baby’s delicate skin is pure, natural and free from harmful chemicals. Organic cotton is so soft, and this is because the fibres have not been damaged by the chemicals used in the farming and processing of conventional cotton. Being free from harmful chemicals also makes it less likely to trigger allergies.

So by choosing organic you are not only helping the environment and saving lives, you are providing your baby with the safest, healthiest, softest clothing available.

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Can the hue of your uniforms really make a difference to your business?

When deciding on uniforms for work an imperative issue to consider is which colour scheme to opt for.Colour can play a most important role in the look of your uniforms and your overall corporate appearance.

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When deciding on uniforms for work an imperative issue to consider is which colour scheme to opt for.Colour can play a most important role in the look of your uniforms and your overall corporate appearance. Below are our top five issues when picking your work uniform:

1. What are your company colours? This is the best place to begin and a key point to consider when determining uniform colour. Bear in mind, there are different ways to utilise colour – if you can’t source suits or shirts in your corporate colour, you can employ custom ties or company scarves as a low price way to put you’re branding across. Below are a number of less obvious but equally vital considerations.

2. Approachability vs. Authority. Colour can play a large role on how nice your staff appear. For example a pastel shade uniform can come across as more friendly to potential buyers. Client service workers want to regularly interact with the community and need to be approachable at all times. By using lighter colors this can appear more friendly and crack down walls. A direct comparison would be darker colors such as black & navy which can build a more of an “arms length” or authority look. This can be an improvement for the police force and comparable roles which benefit from demonstrating a depend

able presence.

3. Does your staff’s work role involve possible confrontation? If this is the case then darker shades as described above are perfect to make an impression of authority.

A study in Copenhagen reflects just this – by changing their uniforms from green to dark navy, attacks on parking attendants went down by 75%!

4. Casual vs. Professional. Colours can also differentiate work uniforms to look either casual or professional. Warmer, lighter or very fashionable colours can appear more casual and even provide a “cooler” company image; though smart casual is a tricky thing to pull off. Alternatively darker colors such as navy, charcoal and pinstripes can make an extra efficient, smart, professional image. This is great to consider as you will need your uniforms to reflect your business image.

5. Consider how your staff will feel in the new uniform colour – The option of fluorescent pink shirts might have seemed superior on the drawing boardArticle Submission, but are your male employees going to be comfortable in this new look?

I hope this has been helpful and something to bear in mind when looking at uniforms.

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Get A Hot Tub: Shopping Tips For Indoor And Outdoor Spas

byAlma Abell

Spas and hot tubs can most certainly be a benefit to the home. They can increase the property value, and also have many health benefits for users. However, before you Get a Hot Tub, it is important to know what to look for. While you might believe it’s as simple as choosing the one that looks the best, there are factors that must be considered including seating capacity, site preparation, and electrical hookups. As you begin shopping for the new hot tub or spa of your dreams, consider these important shopping tips below.

Location and Space

Whether you’re going to have your hot tub installed indoors or outdoors, you will need to have a good idea of where you’d like to have everything set up. You should start by designating either an area in your home or your yard. Next you will need to determine approximately how many people you will entertain in the hot tub at once so you can determine the size hot tub you will need. If you’re placing your hot tub outdoors, you can use a rope to mark off the area you think it would best fit.

Electrical Hookup

No matter what type of hot tub you get, it’s going to be operated with the use of electricity. While there are some models of hot tubs that operate on standard 120 volt electrical outlets, this is not always the case. There are some brands that require 240 volt circuits instead. It may be advisable to have a qualified electrician do a quick survey of your home’s electrical system. This will determine whether or not the hot tub you wish to purchase will be compatible with your home’s electrical source or if you will have to install additional circuits.

Once you’ve determined which hot tub you’d like to purchase, it is imperative to have it installed by professionals to ensure that you’re in compliance with all local codes. To learn more about how to Get a Hot Tub, contact experts at East Coast Leisure. They can help you with determining the best hot tub and spa to have installed either indoors or outdoors.


Packaging Meat Products- Advantages and Marketing Strategies

Learn more about why packaged meats are an essential part for your business. Also learn about their advantages and market strategies that are used.

Meat is usually a traditional diet in most parts of the world. With the increase of population, there was an increase in the quantity of meat products as well. Processed meat products are technologically advanced because they are seasoned with special herbs and spices.

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Packaged meat usually retains the shape and texture of the original cut as it is preserved for a long period of time. Smoked meat is preserved through the use of heat, smoke and salt. Pickled meat is prepared by adding vinegar to the solution. Dry meat is one of the oldest method of preserving meat. It involves cutting meat into small strips and leaving in an open environment so that the heat can reduce the water content. Fermented meat is usually ground, spiced and prepared in the shape of sausages.

If you want to learn more about the meat products in Armenian, then you can take advantage of the Armenian Meat Products Translation. There are several advantages of packaged meats products and how these products can be best used for advertising.

Advantages of Packaging

A lot of people have become health conscious so, they like to buy packaged foods. Proper packaging of your meat products can protect from damage and contamination by micro-organisms, air, moisture and toxins. The packaged meat product also acts as a barrier from bacteria, oxygen, dust etc.  Packaging can easily help your customers to compare between similar products. The color, material and size of the package also gives information about the quality of the meat product.

One of the best way to package your meat products is by using the vacuum packaging method. This is very essential because it prevents your meat products from bacterial growth without stopping the natural aging process. Vacuum packaged meat is a little pale once it is opened due to lack of oxygen but within a while it blossoms into a cherry red color. Once the vacuum has been broken you can only use the meat products within four to five days.

According to the medical studies, it is very important to package your meat products. For additional reference, you can use the Medical Translation Services for those customers who cannot understand your language.

Marketing Your Packaged Products

When you go to a store, the shelves are full of various products stored in bottles, jars, boxes and other containers. Similarly, the same goes for packaged meat products. You will find several types of packaged meat products such as undercut meat, sausages, nuggets, ham, hot dogs, beef patties and many more.

According to the studies, packaging your meat products can increase customer satisfaction and also can be easily noticed. In addition, packaging plays a significant role in the labelling the product. It can also attract the customers by giving them a variety of packaged meat products to choose from. Packaging can also help in increasing the sales by sharing information about the product such as nutritional information, usage or directions. If you want to properly advertise your meat products, try not to hire the Cheap Translation Services just because they are cost effective. Get the best translation services especially for people who have no knowledge of English.

If you have customers all over the world, you can hire the Global Translation Services that will be very helpful and will translate the information about your meat products in all the different languages. Moreover, if you are starting a business in ArmeniaArticle Search, make use of the Armenian Meat Products Translation.

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Web Development Guide

Website development is the process of creating or developing website. We can define the web development as presentation of information in organized and lucrative manner. This process involves graphic design, animation, website coding, photography, search engine optimization. However among web professionals, web development usually refers to non-design aspects of building websites, like writing markup and coding. Commonly websites have two types of pages dynamic or static. The dynamic page automatically adapt to content or visual appearance of web page.

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Now let’s talk about the main four major stages in the process of developing a website. These four stages are website definition and planning, information architecture, site design, and site construction.

The first step is to define your goals and objectives for website. Then collect and analyze the information you have to justify the budget and resources. Write website contents, which fill out the reader’s expectations. Define interactive functionality and technology support required to reach the mind of a visitor. Involve the design aspect as soon as possible in this stage.

In second stage you need to finalize the contents as well as organization of the website. Here add new content in the existing contents if required and define the organization structure. With this content architecture you should build small prototypes parts of the sites to test what it feel like and how design looks with this contents. This prototyping will help you in site navigation and user interface. It also helps the graphic designers to develop relation between site look and navigation interface.

In third phase overall graphic design standards are created and approved like page grid, page design, photography, illustrations, and other graphic or audiovisual content. Research, writing, organizing, assembling, and editing the site’s text content is also performed at this stage. The programming, database design, data entry and search engine design should be well over and finalize by now.

In the final stage of the project the bulk of the site’s web pages constructed and filled out with content. You will always learn new things about your overall design as the prototype matures into the full-blown web site. Be prepared to refine your designs as you and your users navigate through the growing web site and discover both weak spots and opportunities to improve navigation or content.

By waiting until you have detail site architecture, mature content components, fully tested wireframes and prototypes, and a polished page design specification you will minimize the content churning, redundant development efforts, and wasted energy that inevitably result from rushing to create pages too soon. Once the site has been constructed, with all pages completed and all database and programming components linked, it is ready for user testing. Testing should be done primarily by people outside your site development team who are willing to supply informed criticism and report programming bugs, note typographic errors, and critique the overall design and effectiveness of the site. Fresh users will inevitably notice things that you and your development team have overlooked. Only after the site has been thoroughly tested and refined should you begin to publicize the url of the site to a larger audience.

The evolution of Ford Pick-up Trucks

Ford Pick-up trucks are very popular around the world especially in United States and Canada because of their reliability, power, face value and durability. It is believed that Ford built their pick-up trucks to be very tough that many rednecks as well as adventure lovers prefer to use it for heavy duty purpose. When we speak about Ford pick-up trucks, it is not possible for us to skip discussions about the F-Series.

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The Ford’s F-Series refers to the series of full-sized pickup trucks that have been in the market for more than 50 years now. Out of all the models included in the F-series and automotive repair manuals , the most popular is the F-150. It was considered as the top-selling vehicle in the United States for around 23 years and was characterized as the best-selling truck for more than 30 years excluding the joint sales of General Motors pickup trucks. It has also been claimed by the automobile analysts that Ford’s F-series alone comprise half of the company’s income for the past few years. Other popular models within the F-series include the F-250 HD and F-350 whose bodies were modified to fit the Super Duty series in their tenth generation.

Ford pickup trucks or the F-series and haynes repair manuals have undergone 12 generations of improvements and modifications since 1948 until 2010. The first generation was in between 1948-1952, second generation from 1953-1956, the third generation from 1957-1960, fourth generation from 1961- 1966, fifth from 1967-1972, the sixth from 1973-1979, the seventh from 1980-1986, the eight from 1987-1991, ninth from 1992-1996, tenth from 1997-2004, eleventh from 2004-2008, and the twelfth was from 2009 up to the present.

At least the first five generations of the Ford pickup trucks include models which have very vintage looks. Early models looked very masculine to the point that interior comfort is not so satisfactory as compared to more recent models. Moreover, the early designs of Ford pickup trucks possessed very poor aerodynamics because of their very bulky faces that produce a lot of air drag while travelling. Poor aerodynamics means that they are not advisable to be driven in high speeds or they are not capable to run that fast at the first place. The present generation of Ford pickup trucks look more elegant. A lot of improvements and innovations have been made to the present generation of Ford pickup trucks such as the F-100, F-150, F-250, F-300, and F-350. Recent models also come in several variations such as the type of fuel that the engine needs in order to run. It could either be gasoline or diesel. In addition, buyers can also choose whether they want it in four wheel drive or two wheel drives. Four wheel drive variations are usually the more expensive and powerful ones as they are being used to climb mountains and the roughest of the terrains. The two wheel drive on the other hand is very convenient for transporting heavy loads within the city where the streets are not so difficult to manage. The twelfth generation of Ford pickup trucks boasts a lot of exciting enhancements. You can ask the nearest Ford dealer in your area for the details.

Packaging as a professional, with smart packaging methods

Kitchen packaging will look like a toy. Protect and pack the fragile items of your kitchen with the following methods and with little care to transport them, they will reach your new home safely.

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How do I pack dishes?

Preparing the carton: Select a medium-sized carton and align the bottom with crumpled wrapping paper.

Cover the plate: Place the plate in the center of the wrapping paper. Grab an angle of multiple sheets of paper at a time and pull it over the plate. It should be fully covered.

Stack and Cover: Place a second plate over the first and, clockwise, grasp the next corner of the paper and pull it over the second plate. Place a third plate. Grab the other two corners and fold up the plate as you did with the first two corners. For smaller dishes, you can stack larger quantities together. As a rule, stacks should not exceed the diameter of the plate.

Wrap: Turn the wrapped stack of plates upside down on your paper. Wrap all dishes together. Start with a corner of the wrapping paper and pull two sheets over the plates. Cover the beam again by pulling the next corner, then the third corner and then the fourth. For non-fragile dishes, you can pack five or six in a stack. ????????? ?????.

Packaging: Seal the stack with a wrapping tape and place it in a carton so that the plates stand apart.

Glass bowl packaging

Position: Load a cup (-pol) to one corner of the wrapping paper. Pull the nearest corner of the paper over the cup.

Add another glass: So create a “nest” for a second cup, next to the first cup, with the paper between the two.

Pull and Wrap: Pull the two side corners up, one by one, and press into the second cup.

Roll and Pack: Hold the two cups together and roll them to the other corner. Place the cups (-poles) vertically, with the top of the glass down, near the top of the carton. Do not stack heavy objects above them.

Packaging of glass beads

Fill the Glasses: Before wrapping the glass, fill them with wrapping paper.

Wrap: Place the glass in the corner of the wrapping paper and roll with one or two full turns (depending on size). Bring the sides of the wrapping paper to the glass and continue to roll it over the opposite corner of the paper you just brought. You can use bubble wrap if you want extra protection.

Packaging and label: Place the glasses towards the top of the box (Place heavier objects – plates, jugs, etc. – down). They should be positioned vertically, with the top of the glass facing down, – never horizontally. As you pack each layer of a carton, wrap crumpled wrapping paper in the gaps for greater security. Add a brittle label to the cartonPsychology Articles, as well as what it contains.

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How to locate no credit check auto loans in Las Vegas

You can still buy a vehicle even if you have had a bankruptcy or repossession on your record. There are $500 down dealers that will work with bad credit and still provide no credit check auto loans in Las Vegas. The hard part is finding these.

There are many conventional dealers that claim to be able to handle bad credit situations. Most of the conventional dealerships all use similar financial institutions to handle their loans. It is also their job to to get you to visit the dealership with the hope that they might be able to get you approved for a loan. In fact most dealers require their salesmen have any customer they speak with on the phone visit the dealership regardless of their credit. No matter what conventional dealership you visit, tell you over the phone that they can get you into a car, if your credit is bad enough you will not be approved.

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This is the big reason why people get turned down at multiple dealerships. In a perfect world everyone would be able to buy a car regardless of their credit, however that is not the world that we live in. If you need a car and the conventional dealership will not be able to get you approved there are dealers that have in house financing that can.

AnyCreditCarConnection (http://www.AnyCreditCarConnection.com) is a free service that will connect you quickly to bad credit car dealers throughout Las Vegas Nevada and bad credit auto dealerships to receive no credit check auto loans in Las Vegas, NV.

This fast and no cost service lets you connect instantly to no credit check car loans in Las Vegas that will easily find you an excellent deal with a $500 down car dealer on a quality vehicle, with 1-2 year warranty programs standard on the car as well as discounts on service and oil changes.

Natural death confirmed for man who died on Disney World roller coaster
Natural death confirmed for man who died on Disney World roller coaster

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The man who died while riding the Expedition Everest roller coaster at Walt Disney World‘s Animal Kingdom indeed had prior medical conditions, Orlando, Florida officials say.

The Orange County medical examiner determined in a Tuesday autopsy that 44-year-old Navarre, Florida man Jeffery Reed had an existing heart condition.

The Walt Disney World website for the ride says:

WARNING! For safety, you should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness, or other conditions that could be aggravated by this adventure. Expectant mothers should not ride.

Similar signs exist at the entrance to the ride.

The man was given CPR after being pulled off the ride unconscious, and was taken in an ambulance to Celebration Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Reed was believed to have been conscious at least 50 seconds before the ride ended, when a camera took a picture of him. Cameras are sometimes placed on roller coasters so that riders can buy a photo of themselves as they go down a hill.

Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Thomas commented, that “when millions of people walk through your parks every year, it is a statistical certainty that some of them will die. When that happens on a ride, we often tell you about it under a banner headline. It becomes a worldwide story. But if you did the math, you would find that per capita no more people die in Disney than in any other large gathering place.”

There was no defibrillator available to Disney employees when the man collapsed, and paramedics took five minutes to arrive with such equipment. Disney has 500 defibrillators at its resort, however only two are at the Animal Kingdom park. Neither are stored at rides.

Disney has said it will order 200 more defibrillators, which for the most part will be placed at public restrooms, ensuring they are easily identifiable. Restrooms are also statistically one of the most likely places for seniors to die; these deaths are referred to by paramedics as a “commode code”.

Police originally identified the man as “Jeffery Reed”, where his name was actually “Jeffery Chalmers Reeb”; the name on police reports was correct, however.

Since 1989, 15 people have died while riding on rides at the park; many who have died on park rides have had prior aliments.

A four-year-old who died on the Body Wars ride in 1995 had a cardiac conduction defect, which is a congenital heart condition; the mother insisted the girl had no history of health problems, but relatives told officials that the girl was being treated at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston for undisclosed reasons.

Autopsy of a boy who died on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster in 2006 found he too had a congenital heart problem. In 2006, a 49-year-old German tourist died in a hospital after she fell ill on the Mission: Space ride, from bleeding brain caused by high blood pressure, not provoked by the ride.

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