Tips To Resolve Invalid Or Damaged Bootable Partition Error}

Tips to resolve Invalid or damaged bootable partition Error



MBR (Master Boot Record) is the first sector on your Windows Wbased hard drive, including Windows XP based hard drive. The 512-byte boot sector consists of one active/bootable partition, primary partition table, disk media, and bootstrapping operating systems. Corruption in MBR can occur due to many reasons like, improper system shutdown, virus infection, operating system malfunction, and more. In such situations, the bootable partition also becomes corrupt, resulting in unbootability of Windows-based hard drive partition. This further results in inaccessibility of data saved in Windows XP-based hard drive. An ideal way to get past MBR corruption error message is to run FIXMBR repair command. However, if the above command is unable to repair the corrupted MBR and hard drive partition remains unbootable, then you will need to search for a commercial Partition Recovery Software to recover the data.

The above scenario can be explained with the help of the below error message:

Invalid or damaged bootable Partition

This error message appears at startup of Windows XP based hard partition. After the above error message flashes, data saved in the hard drive partition becomes inaccessible. Additionally, the same error message appears every time you try to boot Windows XP.


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The above error message appears due to corruption/damage of MBR.


Below are some guidelines that enable you to overcome the above error message and to access the data saved in Windows XP based partition:

1.Repair the MBR using the underneath command:

FIXMBR device name

Note: The above command has the risk of damaging partition tables.

2.If the above command fails, then run another repair command:


3.If both the above commands fall short in resolving the above error message then you will need to reinstall Windows XP operating system. Once the re-installation is complete, all the previously saved files and folders become inaccessible. To access those files, restore them from an up-to-date backup. However, in case no backup is available, use advanced Partition Recovery Software.

Such Partition Recovery tools scan the formatted hard drive partition by incorporating high-end scanning procedures and recoup all lost files and folders. These tools recover complete partitions and the entire data stored within them.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a powerful Partition Recovery tool that is used to recover all formatted, deleted, and lost Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000 based partitions. The recovered partitions can be stored at your specified location. It is compatible with NTFS, NTFS5, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, and VFAT file systems.

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Partition recovery

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Tips to resolve Invalid or damaged bootable partition Error}

3 Mistakes Of My E NT Repreneur Life}

Submitted by: Irfan Raza

Well Folks !! Whether we accept or not at one stage of our life mostly during our mid twenties and thirties ( and definitely after every appraisal discussion ) we are bitten by the entrepreneurial insect ( entrepreneur-wala keeda ). We wanna take things on our own hands and take control of our life.

Folks ! at one stage of life, just a couple of years back I was in a similar rage. Inspired by the likes of mashable.coms Pete Cash more, Amit Agarwal of and still high on successfully editing and contributing article to my Department magazine in College, I decided to start a blog of myself. Nonetheless it didnt last long.

But, why?

Did I lose interest?

Was I not good enough?

YouTube Preview Image

Wasnt I a good writer?

Whatever friends I pen down here from experience a checklist for other wanna be entrepreneurs.

1. Is this the write time to start the business?

If we see history of businesses then all industries did their niche business and were successful for a limited period, say, for example, Microsoft renowned world-over for Windows, the popular Desktop Operating System. But recent years it has seen dwindling sales of its Desktop application, as peoples love for mobile operating system grows. In my case I started a blog when the wave of blogging had already subsided. I had to compete with trillions of websites with millions of popular ones. So, I had to be exceptionally not only good but different to carve out a niche out of my blogging business. A similar case could be argued in India today for someone who plans to start an ecommerce website. Not only one has to compete with the sharks in the highly competent e-comm sphere but has to be different in service and pricing to stay relevant. A budding entrepreneur must ponder these before he takes a dip into the river of entrepreneurship.

2. How long can i sustain it?

Well the ideal answer for this question is Forever. If you do not plan to hold onto a business forever you would never find the required energy and enthusiasm to do it. Moreover to sustain a business one must be absolutely clear why one is doing this business and ask himself how long am I ready to wait to see the returns on my invested time and capital. In the case of my blog , though I started for my love of writing, but soon the idea of my blog to become a cash cow got the better of me. I quickly wanted to make money out of Google Adsense and other ad links, resulting in impatience, subsequent frustration and a consequent closure of my blog.

3. How well do I know the business?

A thorough understanding is a must for a budding entrepreneur to do well in his chosen field. It is advisable to start a business as a team with like-minded people onboard. Just see how which Pete Cash more started single-handedly has now grown to a team of 40 members. This is necessary as it brings people with different expertise and experience together. In the case of my blog I started it on my own and I had no knowledge of how google ranks pages, SEO/SEM and how to effectively use social media to popularize my blog.


In his numerous interviews the legendary investor Warren Buffett has said that he likes to invest in companies whose business he understands and which are going to be there for say 100-200 years (like Santa Fe Railroad company, Coca Cola and once he invests in a company he does as if the stock is going to stop trading for the next 10-20 years. We must take a cue from his principles and try to invest our best into a business that we know in and out and throwaway the feeling of give-up .

About the Author: Srikanth Ganesh is a software professional, adventure loving and still an entrepreneur by heart. He lives in Bengaluru, India and reachable at @laymanspeaksWebsite:

Phone: 011-41610410 Email ID:


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Cat5e Bulk Cables And Their Benefits

CAT5e Bulk Cables And Their Benefits



CAT5e cables are an enhanced version of CAT5 cables and in the current technologically advanced world, a new improved version called as CAT6 has also been introduced. However, CAT5e cables are regarded as the best by many users since it offers the same capacity and speed of CAT6 cables that too at a better cost. CAT5 cables has been the industry standard for voice signals and Ethernet for quite a number of year now and usage of twisted pair of high signal integrity cable for rejection of noise, this cable was the benchmark with respect to carriage of information.

As mentioned earlier, CAT5e cables are an improved version of CAT5 cables thereby adding specifications and speed for reduction of electromagnetic interference or far-end cross talk from one unshielded twisted pair to another twister pair. CAT5e cables are not only sold as small cables, but they are also sold as CAT5e bulk cables and as CAT5e 1000ft cables. Now, users might get a doubt as to whether to go for normal cables or bulk cables. The benefits of bulk cables mentioned below will be useful for the users to come to a conclusion in this respect:

YouTube Preview Image

Bulk cables are the best for security, video, data and voice network installation. They offer reliable and fast method of segments of stations and interconnect modules within a single infrastructure. These bulk cables not only meets, but also exceeds the TIA/EIA 568B performance of normal CAT5e cables thereby making them highly suitable for custom network installation projects. Apart from these benefits, CAT5e bulk cables are being offered in different colors like White, Orange, Light Grey and blue without any change in the cost and therefore users can choose the color that can perfectly match their home or office, wherein the cable is going to be installed.

Apart from these benefits, purchase of CAT5e 1000ft cable, which is a bulk cable enables IT administrators and professionals to inter-connect workstations, servers and modules within a network. On the other hand, when a patched CAT5 cable is purchased, it will not offer the required length and the kind of connector patching. This is the reason why some installers are selecting to purchase bulk cables in such a way that they can customize the patching and distance on both ends.

Nowadays, bulk cables are sold online and users are at their liberty to order them online, however it is essential to choose the perfect website for this purpose so that the desired result can be achieved.

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cat5 network cables

at the most competitive prices possible. We have a huge range of high quality, affordable and

speaker wire

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A00 260 Pdf Training Guides}

Submitted by: Jennifer Cheek

Question: 1

In SAS Data Integration Studio, the SCD Type 2 Loader transformation will do which of the following?

A. find row matches using the business key

B. find row matches using generated cluster numbers

C. find non-standard values using a generated key

D. find non-standard values using a business key

Answer: A

Question: 2

Assume that a SAS Data Integration Studio job is populating a table, and the table has metadata definitions for two simple indexes. Which of the following is NOT a valid location for viewing which columns are indexed?

A. the Load Technique tab in the Table Loader transformation properties window

B. the Indexes tab in the table properties window

C. the Columns tab in the table properties window

D. the Columns tab in the Details panel of the open job, with the table selected in the job flow

Answer: A

Question: 3

Consider the job flow diagram in the display. Assume the inner job has a parameter defined specifying a table name. Which statement is FALSE?

A. The Inner Job can be successfully executed by itself, but only if the defined parameter has been assigned a valid default value.

YouTube Preview Image

B. The Inner Job cannot be successfully executed by itself unless it is disassociated from the loop job.

C. The Control Table column is mapped to the parameter defined for the Inner Job using the Loop transformation properties window.

D. If the server that executes the job has multiple CPUs, parallel processing can be enabled in the Loop transformation properties window.

Answer: B

Question: 4

In SAS Data Integration Studio, source table records and dimension table records are combined for output using which transformation?

A. Data Validation

B. Lookup

C. DataFlux lS Jo

D. Table Loade

Answer: B

Question: 5

The SAS Data Integration Studio SCD Type 2 Loader transformation performs which of the following?

A. Loads source table records into a standardization table.

B. Loads dimension table records into a fact table.

C. Loads source table records into a dimension table.

D. Loads fact table records into a multi-threaded table.

Answer: C

Question: 6

Select the valid reasons for using SAS Data Integration Studios Table Loader transformation. (Choose two.)

A. Create and replace permanent tables.

B. Maintain access privileges to permanent tables.

C. Apply and maintain constraints on permanent tables.

D. Delete and remove permanent tables.

Answer: C, D

Question: 7

After creating a stored process from a SAS Data Integration Studio job, how can you test the stored process to make sure it runs correctly?

A. Execute the stored process in SAS Data Integration Studio.

B. Execute the stored process in SAS Management Console.

C. Execute the stored process using the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office or SAS Enterprise Guide.

D. Execute the stored process using SAS Display Managers Stored Process Test window.

Answer: C

Question: 8

Within SAS Data Integration Studio, which one of the following is NOT an option available from the File-> New menu choice under External File grouping?

A. Delimited

B. Fixed Width

C. User Written

D. COBOL Copybook

Answer: D

Question: 9

In the following display, can status handling be enabled for the Extract transformation?

A. No. The Extract transformation does not have a status handling tab in its Properties window, and the Return Code Check transformation can only provide status handling at the job level.

B. Yes. The Return Code Check transformation can be added to the END of the job flow – the Status Handling tab in the Return Code Check transformation properties can then establish the desired status handling.

C. No. The Extract transformation does not have a Status Handling tab in its Properties window, therefore it is not possible to establish status handling for this transformation.

D. Yes. The Return Code Check transformation can be added to the job flow immediately following the Extract – the Status Handling tab in the Return Code Check transformation properties can then establish the desired status handling.

Answer: B

About the Author: Test Information:Total Questions: 65Test Number: A00-260Vendor Name: SAS InstituteCert Name: SAS INSTITUTETest Name: SAS Certified Data Integration Developer for SAS 9Official Site:

For More Details:

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5 Common Myths About Hiring A Figure Competition Coach}

Submitted by: Olesya Novik

Many people dream of their figure competition and hoisting that trophy. They are willing to do a lot of things to reach that pinnacle via hiring a top women’s figure competition coach.

There are, however, a lot of myths associated with such figure prep coaches – and they have the potential to cost you a lot of money and stress in the long run if you do not pick the right figure competition prep coach.

So without further ado, here are the five most common myths about hiring a figure competition coach for your contest prep, plus the truth behind the myth:

“I will be in shape for my first figure contest in a couple weeks” Figure competition shape takes time, and nothing you do will shorten it down to a couple weeks.

YouTube Preview Image

In fact, you will need to doggedly stick to your figure competition prep coach’s plan for at least a month before you can even begin to notice any change in your body’s physique. Anything faster than this is impossible, and pushing yourself to develop muscles by pumping iron three times for every day of the week and losing 3 pounds of fat every day is extremely dangerous for your health and any decent prep coach of figure competitions knows this very well.

“I need specialized supplements to get in figure contest shape” Supplement companies will deny it, online supplement stores will deny it, but the truth of the matter is that you can get perfect figure competition contest shape using only your body, food, cardio and a great training program from a top figure coach.

Protein Powders, BCAA’s, Fat Burners, Nitric Oxide Boosters and any other supplement that is “mandatory” by the supplement company’s view are not necessary to get into figure contest shape. An experienced specialized figure competition coach will help you focus on your goals of winning that figure competition and keep your on track with that figure coach’s program alone. Supplements do help but are in no way a substitute for a great figure prep coach.

“I have to hours and hours of cardio to get that figure competition body” A common mistake figure coaches make when designing a plan for a women’s figure contest is to put too much focus on hours of cardio – not the correct diet.

Even a single 30 min session of intense cardio post workout is more effective than ten grueling 60 mins sessions of cardio a week. The mark of a good figure competition coach is the fact that she listens to how your body feels and reacts when your diet and training are pushed to their limits. Cardio can be determined and added after those two are in place. Whenever you choose your figure competition coach you need to make sure she knows what she is doing and that figure coach will listen to you and your body. You should be able to effectively sculpt your abs to perfection without hours and hours of cardio per week. This is why it is extremely important to choose your Figure coach wisely.

“I only need to focus on exercise to get into figure competition shape” Women’s figure competition contest prep is as much about diet as it is training correctly, which is why you need to watch out for uneducated figure prep coaches when hiring one for a contest.

This is especially true for those “guru” coaches that have a reputation in the industry for giving out cookie cutter diets, as even a slightly incorrect diet that never gets changed and adapted to your emotional needs as a women will keep those abs covered in fat and prevent a lean sculpted physique from ever being shown on stage at your figure competition contest. Mix in the physical demands of being women, living complications with your family, and stresses of every day life and you will only put your own body in greater peril if you do not hire the perfect figure competition prep coach.

“I don’t need to worry about how easily I can get in touch with my figure coach” Oh, you better be worried – how are you going to know what to change modify and adapt in your diet, cardio and training routine if you can’t ever get a hold of your figure competition coach? If they are nowhere to be found how will you ever know how to come into your show correctly as the last week of figure contest prep is the most important. This is especially true for top figure contest competitors doing a national level show with the ultimate goal of winning a procard.

This figure competition journey is not a one-time thing that ends once you spend a week on your diet in hopes of achieving your desired physique. You need to keep going at it for weeks and years on end if you ever hope to make those figure competition magazine covers and be rich and famous.

Choose a women’s figure competition prep diet and training coach wisely as she will need to learn the ins and outs of your body and emotional needs just as well if not better than you. That figure competition coach will be there for you for years to come on your journey to stardom. If you pick the wrong one you will lose money, blood sweat and tears and that hard effort can go to waste if you don’t pick the right figure coach.

Make sure to bust these five myths about figure competition contest prep coaches, and you will be well on your way to being rich and famous, on the cover of your favorite magazine, all the while your and your figure coach sculpt the winning physique.

About the Author: Guy Smiley says : My recommendation for a top figure competition coach: Olesya Novik You can contact her here:


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Data Entry At Home : How To Get Started}

Data Entry at Home : How to Get Started


Alan Lim

Choosing a field

The first step in getting started with data entry at home is to select a specialty for your data entry work. There are numerous types of data entry ranging from legal and medical to statistical and accounting data. Home workers also choose to do accounting and tabulation data entry because of its repetitive nature. Transcription work in the legal and medical field or in other areas such as radio and television interviews as well as teleseminars or teleconferences are popular ways to earn extra part time or even full time income from home. Creating and maintaining databases or writing informative and interesting articles are also considered home data entry specialties.

YouTube Preview Image

Choosing a company

Many different types of companies look for home based workers to fill in where staff is unable to complete the work load or is unavailable in a particular area geographically. Companies will send excess work out for data entry at home in order to save money and to get extra work load that can be seasonal in nature. Rather than hiring part time staff and laying them off when the work load fluctuates, companies of all types send the work out for completion. You can select from all types of companies, simply making sure that the company has a good reputation for a professional attitude in the marketplace.

Focusing your activities

Of course, one of the major factors to get started in working data entry at home is that of focusing your mind so that you are prepared to be a self starter and can begin and complete a job on your own. It really doesn’t matter what else you are thinking about or that is important, when you have set aside time to focus on work activities, you must do so without fail. Sometimes the tendency to daydream or to get involved in surfing the internet can eat away at your work time to the point where you are falling down in accuracy and timeliness.

Scheduling your day

The person who relies on the income from data entry at home must schedule more carefully in many ways than one who works for a large corporation or business. If you work for someone else, the one who pays your salary is the one who can direct each of your daily activities. You may have quite a bit of leeway in your work scheduling, but the ultimate decision of whether or not you accept a particular job is not yours. When you are the person in charge of scheduling, it’s much easier to decide when and for how long you will work.

Getting paid

When you select a company to work for and provide data entry at home you will also determine the method of getting paid. Many companies pay with checks on a regular basis in the same way that employees are paid. Other companies work through a clearing or employment broker so that the broker actually cuts the check to those workers who have completed work projects during the previous pay period. Paper checks are used by some companies and electronics transfers using third party agencies such as PayPal or MoneyBookers. You will need to keep appropriate pay records in order to verify that your pay check is correct and for submitting needed tax preparation information each year.

Before you start working at home, particularly if you plan to do data entry for your chosen home business income, you should look into the resources available at

Data Entry from Home


Data Entry at Home


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Data Entry at Home : How to Get Started