Export Tax Rebate Policy Adjustment In China Prices Higher

By Lanbo Jiang

From July 1, the country introduced a new export tax rebate policy, the policy reduced the profit margin is part of the export enterprises in doing everything possible to resolve the losses, a more intense the strong survive, survival of the fittest in the market competition inevitable.

Policy of export profits of enterprises moving cheese

The export tax rebate policy adjustment related to 2831 products, accounting for all goods in the Customs Tariff of 37% of the total. Foshan City in Guangdong, an anonymous official told ceramics enterprises: “Ceramics of the export tax rebate rate to 5%, which means that enterprises export 40 million yuan a month there is no profit of 3.2 million yuan a! “policy changes in the business of export profits of the cheese.To encourage enterprises to export more, China export tax rebate policy for over 20 years, means that the state has been the departure of export goods declaration, pre export production and circulation in all sectors of the domestic value added tax already paid tax and other indirect taxes or consumption taxes , returned to the exporters. Many foreign trade enterprises in China’s main profits come from the Government’s annual tax refund.The main thrust of the export tax rebate policy adjustment is to reduce trade surplus, a considerable number of export enterprises for the means to directly reduce profits. It is reported that many export enterprises in time for the policy “weaned” prior to overtime goods, grab the relevant export, led to a sharp rise in trade surplus in May this year.

China’s huge trade surplus with the textile industry is a major creator of the textile industry in China’s trade surplus last year reached 129.2 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 71% of the total trade surplus. Therefore, the export tax rebate policy adjustment, the textile industry bear the brunt.Since the export tax rebate policy has announced that Wang Yong, deputy general manager of Guangdong Silk Corporation immediately force the cost of personnel, re calculation of the order. “July 1 to sign orders, in accordance with the original tax rate to calculate the costs, tax rates are lowered further, has signed orders on July 1 after exports will directly result in minimum loss of several hundred million yuan.” Yong force “The more severe is the single received this year will mainly depend on price increases to absorb losses due to changes in the profit tax, the customer will be lost if not to accept a certain market share, annual export situation is not optimistic.”

According to professional estimates, the export tax rebate rate declined one percentage point each, the textile industry’s operating profit would fall about 4%. The clothing, shoes, hats, etc. to adjust export tax rebate rate from 13% to 11% from 11% viscose adjusted to 5%. Last year the national textile industry, the average profit of only 3%. Not only is the textile industry, chemicals, paper, furniture, steel, cement and other industries are included in the scope of this adjustment will more or less, sooner or later feel the pain caused by this decrease in profit.Learned that many companies have in the brewing industry, price increases, some advance was started in May raised the price.


Adjustment for potential release of the signal moving companies

Policy variable transmission with national industrial policies and a strong signal. First, restrictions on high energy consumption, high pollution, resource commodity exports, 553 of such goods the export tax rebate policy has been canceled; first to minimize trade friction, enhance product value added, 2268 the export tax rebate rate for such goods further reduced.Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Professor of International Economic and Trade Xiao Harrier fly analysis pointed out that countries use export tax rebate policy to adjust the export structure and the promotion of industrial integration will become a trend. Shaw Harrier fly that low that their technical content, products strong alternative to low cost form of exports, driven by expansion means to enhance the performance of growth model has been difficult to sustain, enhance the technological content of products and enterprise grade, take the meaning type growth path of transformation is imminent.

At the same time, the export tax rebate cut will accelerate the industry reshuffle, through survival of the fittest, dominant enterprises will be more bigger and stronger. Advantage of the industry should take the opportunity to increase business value added export products, change the export model.As for steel, cement and other industries continued to decline in the export tax rebate rate, abolition of tariffs and even increase the macro policy guidelines, these industry leading enterprise restructuring should be accelerated to speed up the pace of product renewal, tap the domestic market potential, improve the industrial chain, to find the motivation and means of sustainable development.

Leather clear trend of export prices up

From July 1, China’s export tax rebate leather products to be canceled. At the same time, labor costs this year due to rising raw material prices, appreciation of the yuan and other factors, experts predict the trend of Chinese leather goods export prices rise significantly.According to latest Chinese customs statistics, in January 2007 to April, China’s major commodity exports of leather industry amounted to 7.12 billion U.S. dollars, up 5.8%, with the exception of leather clothing, fur clothing, foot basket volleyball, semi finished leather, finished leather down , the other main commodities increased in varying degrees over the previous year; while the export volume terms, in addition to raw hides, footwear components and the like, leather and shoemaking machinery growth, other major commodities were decreased.

Export value growth, exports decline, it is clear that in January to April, China’s leather export unit price has quietly increased. Specific to higher exports of leather gloves, for example, in January to April, China exported 230 million pairs, down 2.3%, export value of 230 million U.S. dollars, up 3.3%.According to the China Leather Association, introduced the Secretary General Su Chaoying, before the import and export of leather as the “processing trade”, the import of raw materials is not taxed, nor export tax rebates, there is no tariff burden on enterprises. But last year, this preferential policy on processing trade abolished, import and export of leather began to pay taxes according to the normal trade rates. For example, semi finished leather hides required to pay 5% 14% tariff and 17% of the value added tax, thus increasing the cost of leather exports.

“This year’s labor shortage downtown Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta flood of migrant workers flock to the area, a corresponding increase in labor costs, coupled with imports of raw hides and related products, raw material prices, the current company average price ladies pack up about 30%.” Guangzhou Rui Cippi a company Ms. troops.Information Office of China Leather Association Yexiang Ju said that because the state social security requirements are stringent, corporate labor prices is inevitable. “China is the largest producer of leather products, raw material demand for the domestic self’s not enough, especially in high end most of the variety to be imported. Leather imported from China in recent years has been rising raw material costs, coupled with appreciation of the renminbi, the transport costs continue to increase export tax rebate policy adjustment and other factors, leather goods exporters export price increases entirely to be expected. “

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