Reviewing The Renz Rw 3:1 Twin Loop Wire Binding Machine}

Submitted by: James Ian Hill

Renz International has built a worldwide reputation for the quality, performance and longevity of the binding machine equipment that they manufacture. The innovative designs and state-of-the-art technology that they integrate into their machines make using their machines convenient and efficient, whether youve been binding books for years or if youre just touching a binding machine for the first time. This is especially true of the Renz RW 3:1 twin-Loop wire binding machine from

The Renz RW is an entry-level machine that is commonly used to bind booklets, reports and other presentations. It is a heavy-duty book machine that is built for both durability and high volume usage. It is an ideal choice for organizations that produce and distribute print media, such as in-house or independent print shops, book and magazine publishing houses, corporate marketing and business development departments, college and university bookstores, and church media publishers.

This binding machine is cleverly constructed with an ergonomic design, including a vertical punching feed and a two lever system that makes using the machine more comfortable when inserting pages or closing the binding wire. The integrated wire holder on the binding section of the binding machine improves the binding time by reducing operator error. Depending on the operator and the size of the books being bound, the Renz RW can easily bind up to 180 books per hour.

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The 34 paper punching dies are forged from hardened metals for more efficient and clean punching. Few machines in this category have such a high punching capacity. The vertical punching slot has an adjustable paper feed so it is able to punch through 22 sheets of A4 sized paper per punch, and bind books, documents, reports, manuscripts, journals, manuals and other print media that are 135 sheets thick.

Adding to the operator benefits of the Renz RW is the ability to convert the binding machine from a manual punch machine into an electric punch machine. The innovative modular design enables this binding machine to be upgraded by attaching an electric drive to the hole punching section. The option to convert from manual to electric can be a time saver for the operator when completing larger binding projects.

Renz International is the global leader in the binding machine manufacturing and distributing market. For many decades Renz has been pioneering the latest technology in punching, binding and laminating systems from desktop to high output automated equipment.

To maximize available workspace, Renz built the RW to be compact. This streamline design makes the binding machine much more convenient to operate in most work desktop or countertop environments. It can easily be placed on a desk, table or countertop. It also takes up less room than other binding machines while being stored between uses. It is also a more reasonably priced binding machine when compared to similar machines.

The rugged metal construction of the Renz RW augments the durability of the machine. It is easy to clean up after using it, and minimal maintenance is required to keep it in working order.

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