Affected By The Social Security System Americans Delay Retirement

By Jerri Lily

By the economic recession, more and more Americans to be able to receive all or more of the social security benefits and had to delay retirement plans, some of the older people still continue to engage in the heavy physical labor.

By the continued economic recession, social security benefits seems to be the only source of income their pension. However, closely related to social security benefits and retirement age, and again raise the retirement age, many people are facing house foreclosure loss, personal portfolio is down, recession and other aspects of the company’s pressure to delay retirement.

According to current U.S. social security system, people pay Social Security taxes while working, after retirement, where you can receive from the government to take Social Security benefits, the number receiving the amount, and the retirement age related. Social security benefits administered by the federal government, it helps people to maintain basic living standards.

Based in Washington, “Center for Economic and Policy Research,” John Schmitt, senior economist, said the U.S. has no mandatory retirement age, people can choose early retirement at age 62 can also be 65 to 67 years in the standard retirement age or delay the retirement age to 70.


U.S. has no mandatory retirement age, but a person’s retirement age and he received social security benefits are linked. If you retire before the age of 62, can not get anything, if the retirement age of 62 can only receive part of the social security benefits, retirement if over the age of 65, can receive standard social security benefits. If you postpone the retirement age to 70, receive Social Security benefits will be higher.

Currently, the U.S. government set up a 18 member panel to discuss raising the retirement age issue, and take other measures to reinforce the social security financial benefits. Senate Minority Leader John Boehner called for the next 20 years, retired people will not be raising the retirement age to 70 years. Many Democrats also support similar initiatives.

Based in Washington, “Urban Institute,” the researcher Rudy Panna that raising the retirement age to 70 years to be reasonable, because now people are physically more healthy, life expectancy has increased.

United States experienced a long-term severe budget problems. The budget expenditure from both a medical system, this demand is rapidly increasing, constitute the most serious budget problems, the other is the social security system. Baby boom generation is entering the social security system, their number is increasing, life expectancy will be very long, so in the next 20 years the social security system will create a heavy financial burden. This is why reform of this system is urgent now.

However, by raising the retirement age to solve the problems in the social security system is not the best approach. The economic base of the U.S. social security system for decades to come will be very sound, and then encountered problems, as long as we make small adjustments to the system, it is easy to solve, for example: as long as the workers to work to increase the proportion of tax paid during that can make up for the lack of social security benefits. Raising the retirement age to take such extreme measures only for those least prepared and the workers engaged in heavy manual labor a heavy tax burden.

Some studies show that raising the retirement age for workers engaged in intense physical labor in fact constitutes a press. “Economic and Policy Research Center,” a study that in more than 58 years of age among the workers, 1 in every 3 people who engage in intense physical labor. There are some people in very difficult working environment, some of them to face the heat and cold, wind and rain, or the invasion of pollutants, as well as the work in crowded places, or long standing case of labor.

Some experts pointed out that no matter how the social security system reform, the undeniable fact that the pressure of the economic downturn forced the Americans to postpone retirement trend is likely to continue.

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